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"Future Perspective of ACOS" by Former President Shigetoyo Saji

The President address was presented at the plenary session of ACOS 2016 held in Delhi, India (Hall B 9:00-9:30, on 9th April) entitled " Future perspective of the Asian Clinical Oncology Society -What is our focus aim and where our ACOS should be? "


The Asian Clinical Oncology Society (ACOS) was established in 1991 by current honorary president, Profs. Tetsuo Taguchi, Yan Sun, Jin-Pok Kim etc. The inaugural meeting was held in Osaka, 1991, after then it shall be held every two years. After the first meeting, we had organized the eleven International Conferences with 19 participant countries. Among them, the 4th ACOS was scheduled on 1998 in India, but it was cancelled due to outbreak of Vibrio cholera. Therefore this 12th ACOS is the first congress held in India.
When I became president of ACOS on 2010, at that time we had no exact constitution, list of council member, Home page, money, etc. Therefore today, I would like to introduce our activities during the past 6 years from 2010 to 2016, and like to present our focus aim and where our ACOS should be, etc.
As the first step, we started up the ACOS home page (http://www.asia-acos.org/) on 2011, and summarized our Vision, Mission, Core Value, revised new constitution, exact organizing committee, etc. (please visit our home page).
For the next step, we had no membership fee; therefore the ACOS had no money. Fortunately, we could have some budgets from the cancer related company in Japan, and were able to make a travel award from for the ACOS 2016.
About ACOS aims, now, we have so terrible and important issue for Asian cancer patients. They are (1) The world population demographics showed significant increase in Asia, and half of them will shift to Asia around 2025. (2) Asia has so many problems among the economic unbalance, less health insurance, poor medical facilities, etc. (3) Asia has no exact cancer statistics, but from 2050, Asia will become high aged society like Japan (In Japan, 50% of people become cancer, and one third die from cancer). In case of Asia, over 50% people become cancer, and half of them die from cancer. This mean every year over twenty million people will die and lost the big lobar powers. For this terrible situation, our ACOS have to do something right now.
As a conclusion, I would like and want your kind help and give us your strong power to ACOS.


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